The College Canteen is located in the western section of our large double-roofed under cover area. It features a walk through self-serve design and is open for breakfast from 8am. During recess and lunch times the College Canteen aims to provide a healthy and nutritious range of food and drinks, and offers a number of food options for students which contain lower levels of sugar, fat and salt. The canteen is endeavoring to provide healthier alternatives where possible.

A full time Canteen Manager oversees our canteen and together with other support staff and parent volunteers who serve our students and orders as required. Parents who may wish to volunteer their services and assist in the Canteen are very welcome. Please contact the College to register your interest or speak directly to the Canteen Manager, Mr Roger Spong on 9414 4036.

Introducing our new online ordering and cashless Canteen with easy registration at For further information please read this flyer and for a step by step process on how to register click here.

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